Organizing Committee

Dr. Huiling Ding – Faculty Adviser

Dr. Huiling Ding is an Associate Professor of Technical Communication and Director of the MS program in Technical Communication at NC State University. Her scholarly interests include health communication, intercultural technical communication, risk communication, grant writing, and workplace communication. Her current research examines the interaction between artificial intelligence, technical communication, and culture.

Adrienne Nip – President

I hope to plan a successful SpeedCon 2022 where students, alumni, and professionals can gather to connect and learn from one another.

My research interests include user experience, accessibility in communication, instructional design, and intercultural communication.

Sloan Hammer – Vice President

I hope to help plan a successful SpeedCon, increase engagement, and support my team to best foster learning and professional development.

My research interests include Instructional design, user experience, writing in government and technology, collaboration, information design

Jules Millward – Secretary

I hope to facilitate collaboration & knowledge sharing, host an informative and engaging SpeedCon, and bolster TCAs on-campus and online presence.

My research interests include UX/UI, human resources, instructional design, project management, information architecture, writing in government & technology, and linguistics.

Brooke Belcher – Treasurer

I hope to foster team collaboration, promote SpeedCon to the NCSU community, and effectively manage TCA’s finances.

My research interests include instructional design, linguistics, crosscultural communication, ESL education, technology and education.

Sarah Barnes – Social Media Coordinator

I want to promote TCA to those the tech comm community to grow our audience and make this years SpeedCon the biggest yet.

My research interests include Marketing, communications, graphic design, social media, digital marketing, accessibility and user experience.

Elizabeth Stone – GSA Representative

I want to represent TCA, making sure each individual has a voice in the GSA. I plan to be active in TCA promotion and outreach activities.

My research interests include UX design, social media analytics, digital marketing, content strategy, and influence of social media on branding and promotion.