Call for Presenters

North Carolina State University’s Technical Communication Association presents

SpeedCon 2020:
Identity and the Future

Date: Saturday, April 18 Time: Tentative 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Location: Zoom and

Call for Presenters

The Technical Communication Association (TCA) of North Carolina State University is excited to announce its annual knowledge exchange gathering – SpeedCon. Started in 2011 by students and faculty of the MS in Technical Communication at NC State, SpeedCon brings together technical communication students and professionals from the Triangle area and beyond by providing a vibrant platform to share knowledge and build networks. To comply with state officials’ recommendations concerning large social gatherings and to keep everyone safe, this will be the first-ever virtual SpeedCon!

TCA represents students of technical communication at NC State. We promote discussion about the latest trends in the field and achieve active collaboration between students and local industry. TCA is a registered non-profit organization under North Carolina state law. We welcome graduate and undergraduate students, as well as everyone interested in technical communication. Our members come from diverse backgrounds. They bring a variety of skill sets, international exposure, intercultural experience, and research interests to the organization. We have a strong network of alumni who are making their mark in technical communication across the USA and beyond.

Please follow SpeedCon updates and share your experience via the social media hashtag #SpeedCon2020.


SpeedCon’s primary audience includes graduate students of the MS in Technical Communication and professionals from the Triangle area. Other students from various scientific or engineering disciplines will also be in attendance.

Event Format

There are two types of presentations: SpeedTalks and Workshops. Please note that the TCA cannot offer speaker fees.

1. SpeedTalks
SpeedTalks are no more than 10 minutes long, with an additional five minutes for Q&A. Topic ideas may include trends in the industry, tips that audience members can apply in their current job or field of study, or your recent research or projects.

2. Workshops
Workshops occur in blocks of 45 minutes. A formal slideshow is optional, but we’ll need to see a plan or timeline for your workshop in advance. Your workshop can be an intensive discussion on a topic or a hands-on session about how to accomplish a particular activity. Traditionally, SpeedCon workshops have a “how to” theme, but other ideas are welcome.

Areas of Focus

The following are broader areas covered in past conferences, though we will consider all topics related to technical communication.


This year’s conference focuses on the future of technical communication – the future of the technologies we use for our social and organizational structures, and the future of our personal identities. We encourage attendees to speak on emergent tools integration, their changing identities in relation to careers or personal experiences, the overlap of specializations, and globalization – or a combination of any of these. Consider speaking on the areas of focus mentioned above through the lens of the future.


Please submit a 150-300 word abstract for your presentation. If you are accepted as a workshop presenter, you will need to submit your workshop plan within 15 days from the notification. You can submit multiple abstracts (one each for a SpeedTalk and a workshop). The planning committee reserves the right to limit the number of presentations to one per speaker if there are too many submissions.

Additionally, please submit a short bio of no more than 100 words to provide us with a high-level view of your career and your major accomplishments, which we will include in the conference program.

 Your bio should include:

  • Full name, current job title (if applicable) and organization’s name
  • Description of your role in the organization and the products/services it provides
  • Highlights from your career as it relates to your presentation
  • Key civic activities and personal interests
  • Degrees, certifications, awards, honors, and authored publications 
  • LinkedIn profile link (optional)


Please register and submit your abstracts and bio using this Google Form. Submissions to present will close on April 8. This is to ensure adequate time to schedule speakers.


If you have questions about SpeedCon or troubles with registration, please contact Summer Walls (TCA President) at Please include “SpeedCon” in the subject line.