2019 Keynote Speaker

Jason Swarts is a professor of technical communication in the Department of English at North Carolina State University. He teaches courses on structured authoring, community-based approaches to knowledge work, networks, and discourse analysis. His research focuses on interrelated areas of genre studies, computer-mediated communication, networks, knowledge work, and knowledge communities. His most recent book, Wicked, Incomplete, and Uncertain: User Support in the Wild and the Role of Technical Communication was published by Utah State University Press in late 2018.

Keynote Topic: How We Make Technical Knowledge

How have methods of technical communication been influenced by their ancestry in science and engineering fields?

How does the application and refinement of those methods position technical communicators as non-situated creators of social and technical knowledge?

Listen to Dr. Swarts as he argues that by re-orienting ourselves to the production of social and technical knowledge as a pragmatic process of social construction, we can arrive at a way to critically examine our everyday practices and see whether they account for the range of knowledge, experiences, and identities that characterize contemporary situations calling for the application of technical knowledge.