The theme of SpeedCon 2020 is “Identity and the Future.” Technical communication is integrated in a multitude of fields, ranging from medicine to finance to all types of engineering – mechanical, electrical, software, and more. If a field is at all technical, you can bet there’s technical communication involved.

We see technology growing exponentially, as the world also becomes increasingly interconnected. We must follow that trend and grow as communicators.

This year’s conference focuses on the future of technical communication – the future of the technologies we use, of social and organizational structures, and of our personal identities. We welcome attendees to speak on emergent tools integration, their changing identities in relation to careers or personal experiences, the overlap of tech comm specializations, and globalization – or a combination of any of these. We strongly encourage a focus on these topics through the lens of the future. Consider this: where are we heading?

At SpeedCon 2020, we hope you will discover how much we share in common as communicators, even if we may work with highly specialized material and vocabularies. We also hope that you will leave the conference with excitement for the future, whether it’s about a new topic you want to research, new tech you want to propose in the workplace, or new hobbies to try.

Who will you be in this new decade?